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Create a Spooky PIN

Create a Spooky PIN


Easy Steps:

  1. I chose this image from


Edit in PicMonkey:

2. Resize for PIN


3. Search for Halloween quotes:


Add quote to PIN and play around with Text font, color and size until you are happy with the look.


4. Add LOGO or URL.

5. Final PIN !!

6. Share on Pinterest !!


How to Create a Quick Halloween Graphic

How to Create a Quick Halloween Graphic

I needed a Halloween graphic to use in my newsletter. For something quick and fun, I used PicMonkey.

Halloween Graphic

1. Choose Design or one of the size options.

picmonkey start design

2. Choose a Theme. I chose Trick or Treat, but there are scary choices, too.

choose theme

3. Click on the theme you want, then scroll down.


4. Click on one of the objects. It will appear on your image.


5. Grab a corner of the object, in this case my pumpkin. Drag to the size you want. Click on top of your object and change the angle. Hold cursor over the object to move it around the image.


6. Play around with other scary features.
7. Save your creation !!